Ding, Ding, Ding…

I have just been alerted by a comic strip – ” Jump Start ” – that the tune on the ice cream trucks in the USA has been declared controversial.

Googling onward I find that apparently they use ” Turkey In The Straw ” as a chime tune to alert the neighbourhoods that they are coming. And someone has decided that the tune was once used in minstrel shows and so must be banned, cancelled, and possibly thrown in the harbour.

As you press onwards into the nonsense you discover that someone took an original European tune, wrote ” Turkey In The Straw ” lyrics to it, and away it went in the 19th century. Then someone else wrote a set of lyrics that used the word that only the people it ridicules are allowed to use and the innocent tune and words are now to be declared tainted…for political gain.

Cheer Up, chillen’, and don’t be cheesy about it. Consider the situation here in Australia. Our sugar, fat, and emulsifier vans go around jingling a tune that was supposedly written by an English serial wife murderer…but we still relish our double cones and Flake bars.

It is possible to be nationally and racially ridiculous without being laughable or laudable, you know.

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