” In This Country We Say…”

Apparently we say a greeting in December based upon a particular religious holiday – even if we are not adherents of that religion. Otherwise we are traitors to the country…

Or so it would seem from a number of reposts that flow through Facebook around this time of year. The posts are aggressive things, challenging the reader to say the phrase or become suspect. Some of us usual suspects have noticed this and are immensely flattered.

Also around this time of year there are a number of religious holidays observed by different groups. I can think of three separate lots of people who might raise a glass or down a slice of roast bird within the month, and we’ve just passed a time that saw two or more other groups whooping it up in their own way. The junction of December 31st and January 1 will see the Scots Wae Haeing at 90 miles an hour and there will be a few crashes on the sofa by the next day. All to the good.

So why not wish people a Happy Holiday? They’ll have one despite a sour Facebook post and you might as well join in.

Just avoid the Frasers when they get out the bagpipes. They play very well, but VERY LOUD .

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