I’m Not Happy, Carl.



You sure this is a good idea, Carl? I mean we could wait for another day, like. It’s not lookin’ good, Carl. Shouldn’t a picture for the cover of Hot Rod Honeys magazine be taken in the sunshine, eh?

Okay, okay, I take your point – since when does Wet Dog get sunshine…Yeah, well, we ain’t getting any sunshine right now so lets get the picture taken before it rains. I just waxed the Merc and I want to beat the rain back to the garage, so lets’s get shooting, eh?


You sure this is how to get into Car magazines? I mean, shouldn’t we have a girl or something like they do in California? Well, I thought YOU knew some girls. I know Brenda but she won’t pose for pictures. And her cousin Denise is back in Quebec. We coulda used Denise, it would look like California.

Uh, Carl, is this gonna get faster, ’cause that rain is coming, eh?


Jeez Carl, hurry it up. The rain is here. It’s getting wet inside. The upholstery is getting wet! I just paid for that upholstery! Carl!


Yeah, Carl. Ya know, I think when you have your next idea to break into the car magazine business…you oughta just have that idea sort of private, eh? I’m not happy, Carl…

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