Do Not Be A Not-For-Profit Organisation

And especially do not be a Loss-Of-Capital organisation.

Decades ago I loaned money to a friend. It was apparently spent upon an overseas vacation, and when the time came for it to be repaid it was not…no restitution was offered. The mechanism of commercial law cranked on and eventually I was made to realise that there was never going to be repayment of money nor of a sense of satisfaction.

The only thing I could do was use it as a benchmark of sadness for future reference. I never again gave money expecting a return. My tranquillity was never put at risk.

Is this the right attitude for you? Well, you must answer this for yourself. Some readers will be regular donors to charitable causes – and I salute them for it. Others never give…but as long as they never take either, I can also respect that decision.

The constant takers are another matter. I know those who do because they must…and if it is genuine poverty no more need be said. But I have also met the grifter, the bludger, and the cheat as well. Fortunately they rarely succeed in biting into me, as I was hardened by the experience I first wrote about. And as they tend to give off a pungent financial odour, I know to leave the room for fresh air.

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