Bin Night

And this week it’s recyclables bin plus organic waste bin. Yellow and green tops. How do I know? Because I wait until everyone else in the street makes the choice and then go with the majority vote. If we get it wrong we all live with a full bin for a fortnight.

The business of rubbish is big business and we have been dragooned into cutting costs or increasing profits for our local council. We separate every bit of rubbish into its constituent molecules and them stack them neatly on the curb for the trucks in the morning.

Of course we are under implied criticism all the time – eating every day and not knitting our own facial tissues makes us villains in the eyes of the faceless. Lord forbid we should either buy or fail to buy things from our local shops – we can be damned for either choice. We live under the sufferance of the council.

As a compensation, we get to read about the council meetings in the freely-distributed local newspaper that contains advertisements for shops owned by the councillors…selling items they scold us for consuming.

I would like a fourth bin for the house. One big enough to fit the advertising flyers and election advertisements from the local council. Possibly with enough space for a counsellor as well. I could dispose of 52 of ’em in a year.

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