The Sue Indians

Did you realise you can be scolded for quietly reading that title to yourself?

You may have thought it a good piece of wit, or a bad one, but the fact that you did not erupt in a howl of outrage at the homonym ” sue ” suggesting ” Sioux ” connected with the word ” Indians “…itself a misnomer… shows that you are part of the problem, not the solution.

The rest of us over here in the other part of the problem – the one that has to put up with people being outraged by blog titles – agree with you entirely and are prepared to fight you because of it.

If you did leap up demanding justice and a government subsidy to pay for it, you are equally guilty of labelling the Lakotah Nation with a French word. And the French are not pleased either. But this is not new – they never thought much of you in the first place.

Now the real Indians – the ones from India – are also up in arms that their identity has been given to people who eat buffalo and live in teepees made from the skins of the animals. The next thing will be for the native Americans to establish call centres, scam steam rooms, and corner groceries and then there will be an almighty turf war. You are really to blame for this.

So pay up. Or we ring the lawyers. The real sue indians.

Note: Memorial Day is only a few months away. Secure your tickets for the Nativeamericanapolis 500 now before you get fined for laughing.

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