When To Be Content: A Precise Schedule

Plan to be content at a specific time each day. Set your clocks to it and make sure that you do not start late…otherwise you will be disappointed…

Just kidding, folks. You cannot start to be content with a sweep second hand – the very concept cancels itself out.

Contentment can start any time you wish. All it takes is some careful thought. You may be about to wash dishes, or about to dig a garden, or clean a toilet…yet you can still be content. In the first instance it may be cold day and you will have your hands in warm dishwater for the next twenty minutes while those about you freeze. Luxuriate and be content.

If you are about to spade up the soil, look forward to what it will produce and be content that you have a plot of ground to cultivate. You are a farmer on a very small scale.

If you are going to clean the toilet, reflect upon the fact that you have a toilet and that it protects you from disease. Aid it in this by swabbing and disinfecting and you will be a happy and healthy creature. And wash your hands afterwards…

You can be content with your lot nearly anywhere you are if you review it – not in the purse-proud or overweening way that some do, but with calm sensibility about the way you are living. If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, and a clean bed every night, you have all the ingredients of content. Add some entertainment and/or learning and you are as well off as Caesar.

Start now. DO count your blessings and be realistic about it. If you’re honest you’ll be pulling into the contentment station before you know it. Keep counting and you can stay as long as you like.

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