How Can You Write A Weblog Post Every Day?

I mean, don’t you freeze up at the keyboard? Haven’t you run out of topics? How can you think of things to say?

Well, think about what you’ve just asked. What you’ve written has become the topic of this weblog post. Thank you for asking – you’ve done me good…

Keep your ears and eyes open every day and there are far more things to write about than you have fingers for the keyboard. People are the most prolific source of interest we can think of – after all most of the people who read this column are human…and they can see themselves in the pictures and hear themselves in the language. You have only to return one image or one word to them that they recognise as their own and they will read every other syllable you write.

They might read from self interest, or self consciousness. They might read with greed or horror. They might read to see if you have mentioned the time they were left on the doorstep by the police drunk and dressed in a dirndl…but they read.

Write about what you’ve heard or seen in the day, or the week. Lie to them unashamedly, tell them the unvarnished truth, or anything in between. Just use your own words and they will read.

My Hobby, Sir, Is Below…

No, not that far down. That’s a different hobby. Stop staring.

My hobby is what you are reading right now. I write now.  I write four weblog columns each weekday and three on the weekends. I get paid money to pen one of them and the other three pay in joy.

I did not realise this was going to be the case when my friend Joanne suggested over a café breakfast that I look up WordPress. She, like many young people, is somewhat of an expert on the social media and connection side of things. But she doesn’t make the technical side of things sound as hard and confusing. Nor was it, once I had picked up a couple of simplistic books on the WordPress blog experience.

My first efforts were crude – like my first engagement with Facebook – but gradually the business of telling a story ( and that is all I am doing when I write ) started to flow and it has gushed ever since. I’m a photographer with my own studio so I can make pictures to enliven the print and as much as the graphic designers amongst my readers may quail, I can dot them with words. Generally the words I choose try to be funny. Sometimes they succeed, but only sometimes…

So I finally have to admit I like engaging you in this one-sided conversation – I look upon it as a Catskill monologue. Hence the title of this first weblog column. I’m here all week – try the pasta surprise.

The chef was absolutely surprised. He was aiming for bacon smoothies.


A New Column Has been Born!

Fans of The Little World posts here on this column will now have a dedicated channel for their miniature and scale model interests – I’ve decided to open another WordPress free site to take the Little World traffic.

Please go to:

– and see if your computer, tablet, or phone view see the new site. It’s a horrendously complex address, so please bookmark it. I think that the WordPress people want me to buy a paid site theme that has a simpler name and simpler address, but I will just see if this basic opening has merit first.

This column will continue as before, and you can view all the older Little World posts on it just by dialling back into the archives. Please feel free to contact me with advice and consent. And chocolate biscuits.

“…Thought Your Post Was Awesome…”

dscf8424” You may want to see what they have written… ”

Equally, I may want to catch them with a salmon gaff and then beat them black and blue…

All these social possibilities – what to do – what to do…The invitation to see what my new best friend looks like or is doing can be irresistible. I click over as soon as I get the email. If it is a good meaty, interesting blog with plenty of writing and pictures that change regularly, I keep it on the private list for my browser and heark back to it regularly. I have a man in France who takes wonderful pictures and a man in America who makes model airplanes, and I never miss their posts. There are also people who write well about social issues and their arts, and I try to keep up.

There are also people who I dispose of immediately and flush and flush until they go down. These are the promoters of how to promote yourself, and the boosters of boosterism. The kindest construction I can put upon their posts is that they are robotic programs of some sort.

The most frustrating is the profile that is no profile. If you are a person who lives on the other side of the planet you need not pour your soul out to me on the first page, but at least put up a picture of the geranium plant on your balcony. If you have attracted my attention, DO something with it. I promise I will not ask you for money.