Open The Window Curtains

Starting on a second week of home confinement under sentence from the doctor and chemist…I have been inspired to a brilliant idea.

Up until now I have been cooped in a chair that has an electric light behind it for reading. This is fine with a paper book and a cup of cocoa on a winter’s night but makes a sad yellow mess of trying to see a reflective iPad screen in the daylight.

Then I looked at the location more closely – right beside a main picture window. A simple tug of the blinds swivels them around and in comes filtered daylight. The screen is not yellowed nor overborne. And there will be a definite demarkation throughout the day…not just one dim twilight.

As well, I can now sticky beak the neighbours, though I am sorry to say that they are all respectable. None of them sunbake nude on the verge and most keep the bathroom curtains drawn.

On a different level, is this not a metaphor for life? Open the curtains to the sunlight and use natural light to satisfy your curiosity. Then make notes for later blackmail. Alfred Hitchcock had something going for him…


” Are You The Owner Of The Computer? “

Are any of us really owners of the computer? Or are just lessees? Worse, are we servants of it, rather than owners?

I am drawn to this reflection by a pleasant young lady with a sub-continental accent who seems to ring every few days from a windows technical department. I’m not sure which window company she represents – we had ours done some 35 years ago by Westral and they’ve held up very well. Only had one pane has broken and that was fixed promptly.

I suppose she wants to make sure that I can receive advertisements for their blinds and curtains. I was polite and told her that the owner of the computer was unavailable – she was equally polite and wished me a good night. I look forward to her next call, which I’m sure will be at dinner time again…