Message Received. You Can Stop Sending Now.

DSCF7228AI got messages from heaven today.

A lot of people get them – some can involve voices or blindness or wheels of fire – but mine depend on humbler materials. In this case it was foam-core board and leftover potatoes…

The foam core board Рtwo whole sheets of it given to me as a Christmas present Рwas sacrificed to show me that there are times when I should not do things that are unnecessary. When I do them Рlike make a project with those gift boards  Рthat do not work well, I am in danger of feeling very bad. Bad for the personal failure, bad for the waste of resources, bad for rejecting it all into the bin. Just bad.

But fortunately – after a couple of hours I realised that the original project was, for me, quite unnecessary and somewhat foolish…and the failure means that I need not proceed with it. And should not proceed with it, I hasten to add – it was badly conceived at the start. I’ll go buy two more sheets of the foam-core board for projects that are useful, and remember not to waste my efforts¬†in the future.

The leftover potatoes were to be part of dinner…but the potato pancakes that they were meant to become went bad from the start…and ended up being discarded. Throwing out food in my house was always a sin, and it took some anger to do this. But in the end, rice and cabbage and onions and a few leftovers stepped in and made one of the best meals we’ve had in a week.

I’m not sure of the moral in this one. Indeed I’m not sure if there is a moral – just do not try to make potato pancakes with wet materials. Also use the right pan and enough grease to fry them with. I’m regarding the big stainless steel frypan with suspicion as well – I think the iron skillet is going to be the go. Perhaps the lesson involves being grateful for cabbage and rice.