Make A List

Despite what James Dean said about lists in ” Rebel Without A Cause ” – and wasn’t he¬†the one to talk – they are a very good idea for people with either no time to spare or all the time in the world. Lists organise, monitor, and reward. You can live a happier life with lists:

a. Make a list last thing at night of what you wish to accomplish tomorrow.

b. Look at it – recognise that you are only fooling yourself – then cut it down to three do-able things.

c. Get up in the morning, consult the list and set about doing the three things.

Even if you are interrupted, go back to the list and do the three things before the end of the day. If your day ends at midnight with you collapsing in a heap on the floor, you’ll have time to dawdle. If it ends at 4:00 when you mix a cocktail, you’ll have to have been a bit zippier with the early part of the day.

You decide whether you’d like exhaustion or a cocktail and work accordingly.

d. Tick off the list. Really, tick it off on a sheet of paper and you’ll feel a glow of accomplishment. It will reinforce your will and make it easier to persevere next time.

e. Save the list. Whether it is saved in ¬†paper form or on some electronic instrument, it means that you can go back at the end of the week, month, and year and see the vast number of things that you have accomplished. This will boost your morale no end. And you don’t need to depend upon anyone else’s approval or reward – you reward yourself.

f. Tomorrow is another day. Make tonight’s list.


Australians all, let us rejoice, for we are young and…


The formation this week of the Australian Council of Idiots has come as welcome news for those of is who think for a living. Whether we are writers, artists, scientists, administrators, or teachers, we have all longed for some organisation that can take the  unnecessarily stupid under their wing. And herd them away. I think we will all benefit.

In this, of course, I must exclude those who may be genuine idiots as per medical definition. They are a gift from God and deserve our care.

No, I am thinking of those who are a gift of mindless television, mindless sport, mindless political influence, and mindless consumption. You may have detected a commonality there, and it is that factor that the ACI will address.

Don’t misunderstand me – the ACI will not attempt to improve the intelligence or fortunes of their members. No evening classes in punctuation or electrical engineering or political science will be offered. The ACI will deal with the herd upon the same basis that a farmer does dairy cattle. It will push them down the road in the morning and push them back up it in the evening, and occasionally pull their teats. They can moo to their heart’s content and anything else they deposit will be scooped up and sold to fertilizer firms.

If the members get ill they will be given a salt block to lick and if they swell up with gas ( always a possibility at election time ) a sharp hollow spear will be thrust into them to let it out. They will be expected to be grateful for this, though I’ll bet we’ll hear ” I don’t like it! ” from one individual…

Every so often, the ACI will ” service ” them. You can watch if you like, but don’t stand too close.

I am thinking of joining as an affiliate member. I am practising my ” Huh? ” for the summer gathering in Canberra.