Mary O’Nette

I am deriving a great deal of pleasure and interest through my use of social media – but then you have to remember that I also used to have a good time shooting gophers on my Uncle Jude’s farm in Montana.

In my defence then, I was young and uncaring – in my defence now, I have grown older…

My current savage amusement is watching people jerk, bounce, and twist to the impact of memes – the preferred ammunition of the smarmy and righteous. The spectacle is made all the more enjoyable by the realisation that the victims are people of intelligence -and that in most cases they are willing targets. They stand up on the psychological parapet and try to attract the snipers.

Do you want someone to think the way you do? Meme them.

Want them to condemn something for your benefit?  Hand them a loaded meme and slip the safety off.

Want to look smarter, cooler, prettier, or finer than you really are? Meme your way to it. No-one will dare question you if they are looking down the barrel of a meme.

And the best part is you can make the victims think that they are all unique – and all in exactly the same way. One meme will fit all.

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Hobby-Horse Buns

Or ” Dropping One Into The Conversation “.

We’ve all met people at cocktail parties who will change neither their opinion nor the topic. People who share their thoughts by beating us around the ears with them. Well, they have a cousin in Social Media – the person who presses their keyboard only to press their passion upon you. Squirm though you might, you will never be free of it until you run screaming from the forum.

I am not adverse to seeing that someone supports women’s rights, or men’s rights, or the rights of sea anemones. I acknowledge their concerns and agree heartily that all the aforementioned should have them and live in harmony. But I would prefer not to be re-told the tale every single day – even an anemone needs to fall silent occasionally. Or at least post a kitten picture and wave a tentacle.

If you have a genuine hobby  – eating, marathon running, woodcarving, amateur dramatics…whatever – by all means tell us of it daily. It is a real thing and a window into subjects we may never have considered. We welcome the knowledge.

But if your daily post is how much you hate someone or the angst-ridden struggle of the masses to achieve rural electrification in defiance of the hetero-post-radicalist revanchinary power hegemony…and we get nothing but memes and urgent calls for rage and rutabagas…well, save your electrons. They will be ticked off the screen as fast as the mouse can work, and so, eventually, will you.

Note: Please turn your minds back to the Mel Brooks movie ” Silent Movie ” and the scene of the wooden horse on the carousel…