Sustaining The Rage – A Guide To Spitting Indignation


Or ” How To Win Facebook “.

The referendum in the United Kingdom on remaining subject to continental law has been held. The decision to withdraw the national neck from the European halter has been taken, and the rest of the world will watch keenly to see how well it fails or how badly it succeeds. All the people who are British in Britain had their say, and we might think that ends the matter…but I suspect it won’t. Everyone else everywhere else will now second and third guess it to suit their own agendas.

For the people here who did not get what they wanted there, it will be a trying time. But they must look upon the bright side – it will give them valuable training in how to cope with the upcoming Federal elections and the November elections in the United States. If they can learn what to do now, they can dominate the social media for these far-more-important polls.

Note: I leave aside the question of what happens if the people who are entitled to vote in Australia do so – and are fortunate enough to have the candidate or party they favour win office. I’m afraid I have no idea what they should do then. At least we have something in common – they have no idea what they should do then, either…

Facebook, Twitter, Scream, and Qvetch and Moan are the most popular social media sites in Australia. They provide endless opportunities for subscribers to peer over the shoulders of other people’s lives and point out that the red three should go on the black four or otherwise you are a racist. As the internet is truly international except in China and North Korea, they can kibbitz globally, and generally without having to pay for any of the drinks.

So our local FB’ers will be able to complain bitterly if anyone wins anything here and if Donald Trump wins anything there. Mrs. Clinton has a pass – if she wins something all our locals will just simper and preen  – at least for a short period of time. Then the good old prejudices will re-surface and they will blame one of the Bushes for stuff.

One good thing – the political meme factories will be in full production for most of the year. This will give the other firms that supply kitten pictures a chance to get in a new batch of animals and dress them up in costumes. They can restock the picture libraries and get a line of merchandise items ready for sale.