A New Departure For Collectors

Diecast car collectors in Australia who wish to depict the local car scene are not all that well served. Oh, there are expensive exotic cars from Biante and Classic Carlectables of the street rod and motor racing kind, but the number of average driver daily vehicles in the large scale is quite small. The prices are high, of course because there is no economy of scale. I rather despaired of making up a modern Australian section of the collection…until I went to the car show today.

It was some sort of charity show¬†with an eclectic mixture of sports, rod, classic, and all-too-recent beaters. I enjoyed it once it was found, and didn’t think my $ 5 badly spent – because it opened my eyes to the idea of a wider net for modern Australian collecting. You see, I can do what the car owners are doing in ever larger numbers – importing overseas cars to become local prides and joys.

Hitherto I shunned the idea as it seemed counter to my goal of making a real little world. Now the real big world is changing and I can use this to branch out. Look at some of the North american iron that people actually have here – as well as some of the European stuff.

I still have hopes that someone will get in a supply of 1:18th scale modern oriental cars that are not Japanese drift specials or Winthrop wankwagons. I want workaday wheels and industrial vehicles on my roads Рso many of them are on the full-size street.

One Of These Cars Is Not Like The Others

Cottesloe car 14

And you can Sesame Street along with me as I play the game.

Cottesloe car 16

No-one in Australia drives a 50’s Chevrolet Corvette by accident. It is not the sort of vehicle that you pick up from the panel beaters as a courtesy car while your Hyundai is in getting a plastic bumper replaced. I have tried baiting my local panel beaters with any number of bumpers but all I get is a directions to the bus stop.

Cottesloe car 15

I don’t think that anyone got to drive one out of the Holden dealer’s showroom here in the 50’s, either. They may have been imported by the rich and entitled then, but most have been brought here recently by the rich and entitled. Or at least by the rich and enthusiastic – because you have to be an enthusiast to contemplate either maintaining one as LHD or ( gasp ) paying a fortune to have someone invent a dashboard to convert it to RHD.


Okay, that’s your clue and you can go straight to the answer. But as you say “Aha” consider looking at the clues that you see on the other cars. Of course you can see instantly that the ’57 Corvette has the 2 headlights instead of the 4 of the ’58 and ’59 model. And the white ’58 stands out from the red ’58…

Oakover Show 2014 31

But the red ’58 can bear some careful scrutiny. Can you see what is interesting about this car? Look closely.

Whiteman 2014 169

Remember, no-one drives a red ’58 Corvette by accident…

Whiteman 2014 171