The Tribute Car

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I wrote several years ago about tribute cars that are made by hot rod enthusiasts to duplicate famous vehicles from movies. I’ve seen Mad Max cars here at Gillam Road and the local version of General Lee 01 at Baldivis South. I even think I saw a Knight Rider car once, but the memory of both the show and the car are hazy.

I daresay we will see a Blues Brothers car, a Ghostbusters ambulance, and any number of local depictions of cars from television shows. I probably won’t recognise them  – TV is a vast mystery to me these days. In any case it is all a bit of fun, a good exercise in observation on the part of the builders, and in some cases works of art. Heck, Barris made a Batmobile from a Lincoln and that was a lot of fun.

The other type of tribute car seems a little more…well I’m not really sure what it is. I see it every now and then at various car shows. It is a hot rod or custom car that has all the characteristics of the genre – whether it be a ’32 Ford type or a low rider or a rat rod. If you saw it with a plain  hot rod paint job it would be what it was – a personal car made by a skilled enthusiast and proudly displayed. But the addition of a graphic converts it into something else. And I can’t really be certain what that is.

In any case, here are a number of vehicles seen through the years – the latest one at the Rods n’ Rust event in the Swan Valley. The only thing I can be certain about all these is that they are probably never on-sold by the builders. They mean too much.









Graphics. Beware…

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We are often warned on the television about graphic depictions of violence. The same goes for the cinema – they have that classification thing at the start of the movie. I go for the ones that say “G” and so far I have not been disappointed.

But what of the graphics at the car show? Should we be warned? Does there need to be a sign warning us that it is NSFA…not safe for adults?

As with all questions of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of some of these beauties we would also recommend Murine and an a soft cotton pad….

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VW 201543




Whiteman 2015 152




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