The Gang Of Three


Here ┬áhe is, the third member of the gang – Baby Bear. The only one of my stuffed toys that ever possessed a pair of pyjamas.

No, I don’t know why, and no, I don’t know what happened to them. I prefer to think he lost them in the bedroom of a courtesan when the police raided the place.

He is small, and that means he has piloted more model airplanes than his companions, the monkey and the dog. He is articulated, so he sits and stands equally well. He can lift his arms, and does not small bad when he does so. A distinct social advantage which I do not share.

Whence? No idea. When? About 1955. A constant companion since.

Current position? Front-bear for my profile on Facebook. He is furry enough to engage the hearts of the viewers without being explicit enough to give my game away. A perfect co-conspirator.

Bear with me…