It’s A Fraud, Todd.

It’s a sell, Mel.

It’s a scam, Pam. Oops, sorry, I should have said ” it’s a scamela, Pamela “. Didn’t mean to be overly familiar.

That great business opportunity that you discovered with the other seminar delegates at the holiday resort? That guaranteed opportunity of a lifetime? That golden road to riches, health, and moral re-invigoration? That weekend and an extra day high on marketing?

It’s a con, Don.

Don’t feel bad that you responded as you did. The whole event was structured to make you do so – it was developed as a way to envelope you in a message and to never let you see outside of that indoctrination. You would have had to dive through a window and run away as fast as you could – abandoning dignity, luggage, and any sense of personal worth – to escape it. If they had you on a cruise ship, even that avenue of escape would have been denied.

Whatever money you have given over to the organisers is gone. It will never come back to you. Abandon it to them but do not give them any more – even if they say that you are obliged to do so. Ignore their threats – none of those threateners could stand in front of a magistrate and neither can their demands. Shred anything that you have of their literature and dump it in the compost bin – you may get some value in a few months if it packs down and rots.

Take heart – you have had a valuable lesson. One you need not repeat, but one that you are honour-bound not to inflict upon others. You may not defeat confidence tricksters ┬áby yourself, but you must not strengthen their hand by inadvertently joining them.



“Now I’m Not Going To Lie To You, But…”


” Being 100% truthful “,

” And you can believe me on this…” ,

” Let me tell you the truth…”

Whenever anyone introduces these phrases into a conversation they are setting you up to steal your money.

The fact that they have used sentences that leave a back end open…the thought that there can be less-than-100% truth, the need for belief, and that business of asking permission to tell the truth…mean that that they are liars flat out. And unless you get up and leave – physically get up and leave – and never come back – they will continue to try to get your money.

Get up. Leave. Never come back. If you are at home when someone says these things to you, toss them into the street.