The Little World – Hungry, Thirsty, and Dirty

They’re the three next dwarves in the New Disney Animated Cartoon ¬†-” Snow White, But She Drifted “…

I’m joking. I wouldn’t want to upset Walt. Not in the jar, anyway. Nothing to do with the cartoons – it is our condition around here now that the kitchen renovators have ripped out the stove, oven, and plumbing. We are in a state of suspended animation ( sorry, Walt…) until the end of the week. And my model workshop is totally full of IKEA boxes – no building there either.

So I must find my Little World pleasure elsewhere this week. It’s the sort of thing that plagues the garden modeller when the snow falls or the spray painter when the rains start. You have to have another resource to turn to. Fortunately I have a blank book and a pencil and time to think of new projects.

This can be a curse too – if you are always modelling prospectively and never actually start things, let alone finish them, you miss out on all the mechanical skills and a great deal of the sense of achievement. Buying things and putting the purchases on a shelf is all very well but you run out of money and shelves eventually. Worse – you run the risk of becoming merely a collector rather than a modeller and collector. You vanish behind the shelves and boxes.

Still, it is good to get your ducks in a row as far as a what you are going to do Рprovided you begin to do as soon as the workshop becomes clear. My hiatus is really only one day as I will be assisting  Thursday so I guess I can spend a little computer time researching box art.


The Little World – The Box That It Came In

Oh, what a fool I have been! If only I had known! If only I had taken the time! I could be sitting on a pile of old cardboard that would be worth $ 45 dollars today!

Well, I can only be depressed as I see eBay sales of empty boxes that once contained plastic model kits. Relics of the 1950’s found in the back of the chicken run and now offered to the nostalgia market. Things we once threw out as rubbish…but now can be sold as rubbish.

I blame my parents. They were cruel and hard and fed me regularly and let me sleep in a warm bed and wear good clothing…and moved regularly to continue work within the construction industry. They never stayed long enough in one place to build a dedicated, air-conditioned storage warehouse to let me keep my plastic model kits and the empty boxes. They deprived me of a career as an empty-box mogul.

I should have seen it at the time. I should have taken firm steps to compel them to my will. If only I had thought to go to a lawyer and take out injunctions…

At least I should have carefully cut the front box art off every kit I ever had and pressed it into an album. All the rest could have gone, but it would have left me with a wonderful souvenir of the times…and a valuable reminder of the kits. As it is, I think I can go to the collector’s books and Google right now and assemble a series of images of the box art as far as I can remember what I had. Some of the colours were a bit bright and glaring, but that was the 50’s for you – the world was made of different dyes then.

Love Canal still is…