Rust Never Sleeps


I also suspect that Bill never sleeps. If he isn’t doing some fabulous weathering work on a scale model he is probably thinking up new techniques.


The Rolls Royce that you saw in black and white is really too good to keep hidden – here it is in gloriously horrible colour. Like Mae West, it started life as pure as snow but eventually drifted…


The kit that it was to begin with must have been very expensive. By the time he saw it, enough bits had been purloined to cancel out completing it as a pristine showroom car. So Bill weathered it a little…


Of course the daunting thing about seeing a model done this way is the perfection of the effect. You just cannot stop looking at the detail of it. In a way it’s a little frightening to those of us with less skill and artistry. The thought of trying the same is like a painter lobbing up in front of ” The Laughing Cavalier ” with a watercolour set and a sheet of typing paper…


Still, Bill is the best kind of scale modeller – he was prepared to tell me some of the secrets to that rust finish, and he was so clear and sensible in the explanation that I am going to try it on a small scale on one of my die-cast cars. I’m hoping for warmer spring weather to get to the paint shed. I can hardly wait.

Rust = Lust.