I Have A Little List…


So did the MIDWAY but that didn’t stop her from launching aircraft…

No, seriously, I do have a little list – in fact I have two little lists. I have just opened two documents in Pages here on the computer; the bucket list and the fuckit list*. I can’t think why I have not done it before.

The B list is the things I wish to do. The F list, the things I never wish to do. The idea was suggested by a Leunig cartoon passed on to me by a friend. It is humour but so truthful as to strike like a lightning bolt.

I know the B list idea is an old one – people have been mentioning the phrase for years now. The F list is new, though I suspect I had it in my subconscious for a long time. It is just now that I can start to write both down. And it is the recording of the items that brings the most revelations to me. You see, it finally requires me to be honest with myself about me.

The documents are filling up – and occasionally I transfer something from one to the other…I’ll detail a little more of the process in further posts. In the interests of maintaining social decorum I promise not to be political or religious, but I can’t help it if I am occasionally sexy.

  • And that is the last time I shall use that expletive. I was never trained in the operation of the word and I am uncomfortable with it. I know other words.