Car Models In The Lion City

Singapore 2014 378

I have just returned from a 10-day holiday in Singapore – the island/city/nation north of Australia. During the stay I visited botanic gardens, zoos, bird parks, casinos, shops, and museums. I rode the MRT – the public transport system – above and below ground. I ate on the beach, on the top of a skyscraper, down the hawker centre, and at roadside stalls.

And I shopped.

This is easy to do as Singapore has more than one shop…many more than one shop…and they have as wide a selection of the world’s goods as anyone could want. So wide, if truth be told, as to outstretch my imagination. Here are three Chinese statues expressing my amazement at the variety of goods…

Singapore 2014 654

Once I had overcome my initial shock at the size of the stores and the level of the stock, I repaired to my notebook and looked out all the model car shops in the city. I had made a careful list of them from the internet – the locations in shopping malls and the floor and location number were all listed. Then I hopped on the MRT for Orchard Road ( The big-time shopping hub ) and hit the shops.

Or…hit the place where the shops had been…while I did find one shop with some die cast cars on the road, three vendors were missing – replaced with bridal shops or empty spaces. It started to look as though there were to be no die cast models in the city. The hobby had died. How sad.

But I took one final chance at 14 Scotts Road – the Far East Plaza just a little further on from the Hyatt Hotel. The first shops in the plaza were not encouraging – tailors and tourist shops touting for business. I kept on until the directory panel came into sight. It finally got me to Auto Models Pty Ltd. A real die cast store with a real stock of models.

Singapore 2014 413

I browsed, as we all do, and one of the ladies serving in the shop mentioned that there were certain levels of discount on the stock dependent upon how many you bought. She was discrete but helpful.

There were all scales, types, and brands of model available – vehicles and aviation in particular. I toyed with a Minichamps three-wheeled German delivery truck but eventually settled for a 1:10 scale Indian motorcycle that was older stock. Older stock is exactly what I want for my collection. The deal was done with a discount, carded carefully, and I was able to show off some of my Hot Rod Honeys images on my iPad. I asked for permission to blog a report and it was granted.

What a pleasant experience! It is a shop I would certainly recommend  a collector to visit if they are in Singapore. I have a new model and will watch their website for anything that crops up in the future. Their site is:

If you are in their city the telephone number is 6732 7717. The shop is easy to find, and there is even a plastic model shop further around on another section of the plaza to make it worth a double visit.

A successful day.