Happy Holidays

I intend to wish people Happy Holidays this year during December…in spite of Facebook memes and pressure posts that insist I must only think of Merry Christmas.

Oh, I intend to have one of those too…a pre-Christmas gathering with relatives and then a catered lunch at a hotel on the actual day. Merry will be practiced, I assure you.

But I also hope to have an equally cheerful Hanukkah and even a midsummers dinner. Here in Australia we do that instead of midwinters. If I were a Buddhist I could have a holiday during the month as well, and if I were a black American or a Hispanic American I would have even more celebrations to cook, decorate, and buy presents for. A veritable month of jollity.

And if I were an atheist I could celebrate the 25th of December as Newtonmas and send cards with ” Reasons Greetings “. I would be careful who I sent them to, however, because I think they would severely affect the people on Facebook who post those scolding memes about the term ” Merry Christmas “.

After all, I would not wish to affect their happy holidays…


Free the Political Prismers

Don’t I mean political prisoners? No, though it might be a nice gesture for them, too. ¬†And in some cases it would give them a welcome opportunity to take their turn as the local tyrant and imprison others. A game of musical cells…

What I really want is freedom from the complimentary rainbow that WordPress stuck on my blog page some weeks ago. As pleasant as it might look, and as charming as the cause for which it advocates may be, it is a banner that has little to do with the rest of the writing. It is also a little cloying.

I hope that when the results of the same-sex-Simon-Says plebiscite are announced and the business goes off to the parliament for resolution that the WordPress operators will take it off again. They can bombard their members of parliament with as many rainbows as they like, but I’d appreciate a return to normal* round here. If people want bands of colour, I can make them in Photoshop and string them all over the place.

Here’s one advocating triple-expansion cylinders for French steam locomotives. I think it deserves your support.


*  Normal is not a good thing to define as it tends to make the neighbors nervous.

Hold High The Stainless Banner – All Week

Readers of this column in the last few days may have noted that the top margin of the site seems to be a multicoloured band. It looks like a spectrum or rainbow and I suspect it is put there as a form of political statement.

Here in Australia we are coming up to a plebiscite on changes to our laws. Some proponents of change have adopted the rainbow as a graphic statement, and use it for a number of internet presentations. I am not aware of a similar graphic code for their opponents in this issue.

The point of this post – and the repeat of it on my other web column – is to alert readers to the fact that the graphic statement has appeared unbidden. Most of the controls on the appearance of the pages are still vested in the WordPress organisation, and as I pay no fee to them for the use of their mechanism, I have no say in what they choose to add. I’ve mentioned this before in respect to the advertisements that float around the bottom of the posts. I can only hope that they are respectable…

Those of you who are entitled to vote in the Australian plebiscite…do vote. It is a costly thing for the country and it may not result in the result you desire, but vote anyway. I shall. Lord knows, the government pays little enough attention to me these days – I might as well nurse the impression that my opinion counts – as foolish as that may be. I am a good fool, and skilled at the art.

Note: If this does anything for me, it encourages me to dive into Photoshop and make some new headers for the columns. I’m no graphic designer but I know what I like.

PS: I am going to divest the rainbow band at the top of my columns of political significance by choosing to regard it as a ringing endorsement of Isaac Newton and the scientific enquiries he made during the Enlightenment.