Benefiting From The Market

Benefiting from the market in what? Real estate? Time share apartments in Queensland? The traffic in human flesh?

When someone advises you to do something with your money they are trying to get a piece of it for themselves. Whether you get it back is not the point of the advice – advice is an one-way street, particularly for money. At best, there will be a possible gain – at worst, a positive loss. In both cases you will be holding onto the financial handlebars when the adviser slips off the seat.

Markets are places or institutions that buy and sell items. These can be ethical items, criminal items, or anything in between. A market needs buyers to lose money, sellers to gain it, and middlemen to extract profit from both participants without spending any of their own cash. The actual items traded can be very secondary to the transactions themselves – the more vague and ephemeral they are, the more the middlemen profit.

If you would be safe from the fluctuations of a market, the best and safest thing to do is stay out of it – both physically and financially. If you are irrelevant to the marketeers they cannot get at your money – you will be ignored.

Of course they will laugh at or curse you if you will not play. There may be a big show made by the marketeer to portray themselves as successful – big houses, flashy cars, desirable companions, etc. The show may be subtle or crude, but the skill of the artist is exercised to get you to give them your money.

If you are determined to be a market success, pick a product or service that you actually know well – one that you have person experience with. Buy what you know – sell it for a small profit to people who pay cash. Keep that profit safe.

Ben Franklin advised us not to despise small gains – they do add up to profit in the end.

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