The Evil Twin Club

People who have brothers and sisters are lucky – they have someone onto whom blame may be shifted when it all goes wrong.

I am an only child, and know that I will have to bear the consequences of my bad decisions. This is not onerous – it’s the good ones that really stuff up your life. You have to repeat them ad infinitum.

I know other chaps who also do not have brothers – and they, too, have to obey the laws and play nice. It is more of a burden than you might think. To ease this, I have proposed to one fellow that we form a voluntary brothership. This is like a partnership but you don’t have to sign any papers and the law can’t pursue you for each other’s debts.

It will be a fair deal – one of us will be the Evil Twin and one will be the Good Twin. On specified occasions the batons will be exchanged and the roles reversed. This should throw off the authorities long enough to effect an escape.

The difference in our appearances will be easily explained to the curious; different mothers. Other people will be told that we had different fathers. In both cases the statements are perfectly true – it will just be a case of not explaining to the same people.

It worked for De Vito and Schwarzenegger and there is no reason it cannot work again. We may issue a prospectus of anyone has spare money.

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