If Something is $ 100 Off Now…

It could have been $ 100 off then. The $ 100 was an impost that has just been buying cigars and brandy for the owners.

Cutting prices is not what businesses do for fun – or for profits. It is done for attention – or done in desperation by failing businesses.

If you are being drawn into a store to get them take less of your money away you are in the same position as a person who will ask a mugger to hit them on the side of the head that isn’t bleeding. It may be a more comfortable, but it is still an attack.

Investigate the history of the prices and see when the extra $ 100 was put on the tab. It might have been at the time when another impost was put on the importer of the goods – perhaps a government decision – so ask yourself why you should have been paying it then, and why not paying it now is better. If this all sounds like a shell game, it’s because you can now recognise the sound of walnuts and peas.

Do something radical. Don’t buy now, if you wouldn’t have bought then. Let the sellers languish.

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