Look Over There!

The best way to take attention away from yourself is to compel others to look away.

You can do it by developing a ghastly visage, a terrible smell, or a vile reputation. The trifecta is a bit ambitious, but memorable…I know people who have managed it. Some also use a deflector to prevent criticism of people, parties, and nations in which they have an interest. It is a common, but not legitimate, debating tool.

The well-prepared scoundrel makes sure that they are always accompanied by someone who takes the eye of the crowd. These decoys can be handsome women, ugly men, or cute animals. Once the general interest centres around the other person, you can start to steal wallets at will.

Of course not every crowd will stay fascinated for long. Intelligent people or complete idiots turn away from spectacle through character or boredom and if you are seen doing something naughty they will ether raise a hue and cry or demand a cut of the loot. The middle-roaders are the best bet if you want undisturbed crime time.

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