Are You A Bigot?

Is there a definable group of people – different from your own – who you consistently decry?

Who you find fault with, no matter what they do? Who you instantly excoriate – even at the risk of seeming a fool – whenever they are mentioned?

Are they a different religion from yours? A different nationality? A different economic group? Perhaps a different colour or race?

Do you advocate their removal from the suburb? The metro area? The planet? Are you willing for them to suffer economic, political, and religious ban ?

If so, you may be a bigot…and we are looking to recruit you into the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia Shock Regiment. You may have just the characteristics that we need.

As a guild of traitors we naturally cannot be expected to remain all that loyal, all that long, to anything…at all. Of course, our fealty can be bought, but prices are going up and you would do well to set aside additional funds if you know what’s good for you. But we have our standards, and we are prepared to lower them as the situation requires. Recruiting you may be just such an event.

Do send in your CV Рyour resum̩ Рyour criminal history Рto our head office in Benedict Arnold Lane. We will carefully review it, noting any juicy bits for future extortion. Then you will be assessed by the Board as to whether you can be trusted to carry on the traditions of the Backstabbers Guild. Successful applicants will be granted an interview, and those who survive it to heal successfully may be assured of a warm welcome by previous victims. They will be put to work in the grand design of the Guild, with opportunity for advancement and reward.

Pay no attention to the gibbet. That’s just there for office decoration.

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