It’s A Great Relief To Be Hopeless…

As I am sure you have observed in the case of a number of political figures and public servants.

Once they become so, and you realise that it is not just an act, they have until the next election to do just as they please and are rarely held accountable afterwards. They are swept from office, or given the gold watch and a firm handshake, and then can be off on a mostly free pass.

Hopelessness in school is rarely so rewarding – students get yelled at and hit by teachers and other scholars alike. It is only the saving grace of eventually not caring that lets some people get through it all. In many cases they are blessed by being expelled or excluded and can develop naturally to a far better standard than the school could provide.

Hopeless marriages can be ended these days with a facility that was unknown last century – and everyone who is cursed with one can avail themselves of the process if they are willing to undergo the pain. What they do afterwards is a measure of their character and intelligence.

Hopeless participation in art or science is also to be encouraged, as it opens the way to actual discovery or growth. If you have no expectations, everything is a gift.

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