Buy Simplicity

If you buy at all. Even better – grow your own.

As I get older, and hope to get older still, I value simplicity over nearly any other attribute. Whether it is in human relations, business dealings, mechanical devices, or intellectual pursuits, the simplest and cleanest seem to be best for me.

Case in question: my car. Not a big SUV – not a luxury car – not a sports car. Just a small hatchback that gets there and back every time. It runs on cheap tyres and expensive petrol, but apart from that it is as easy to operate and as unremarkable as I could find. I can forget luxury, prestige, monetary value, and social status when I drive it and concentrate on driving it safely and well.

Ditto many other possessions that I use – but the wisest acquisitions are the ones I don’t make. If I do not need to possess some thing, it is far better for me that I do not. Thus I can dodge fashion, consumer technology, and any number of social grease traps that seem to attract others.

I can eat at home and not feel deprived. I can wear old clothes happily. I can entertain myself without needing ever greater quantities of celebrity or novelty thrown at me.

I can be so simple in these areas that I free up time, money, and mental energy for a complex hobby, and indulge myself there with no feeling of pressure or guilt.

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