Investing For The Past

Not every financial venture needs to be about the future – some of most profitable ones can correct the past.

Suppose you have always been poor, humble, and honest; in a word; disgustingly virtuous. And further suppose you become a candidate for a powerful position in a criminal gang. Now, what would you pay for the knowledge of your basic goodness to be forever suppressed? I thought so…

You may have done it differently – led a foul childhood and an criminal youth – yet have passed for clean to the point where some plum position is about to fall into your lap. A few thousand spent to rub out any record of your crimes would seem a good and frugal bargain.

The Backstabbers Guild Of Australia is here to help you. we have access to hundreds of paper-based data bases that may contain evidence about you, and if you make it worth our while mysterious fires are possible. If people know more than is good for you, it may be more than is good for them, if you are prepared to be good for us. No time to snap your purse shut, eh?

Of course it need not come to wholesale murder. Retail is more selective, and holiday sales are always a good time to pick up a bargain. Wise shoppers wait for the flyers with coupons on them.

And remember: business rivals are only so while alive. After that, they are former business rivals.

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