The Modern E-ssay

Also known as the weblog or electronic column. Pick whichever you like, but write one regularly. You’ll have your say even if no-one listens.

The business of being a prophet, agitator, or wit has always revolved about finding someone to listen to and approve of the things you say. This also applies to written thought – though here the distinction is that you can be a failed writer rather than a failed orator. Costs more in ink and paper but is easier on the voice…

I wrote the word ” business ” but it really need not be that at all – it can be pleasure and recreation. Going to the local Speaker’s Corner and damning the government until the secret police arrive to put you in the van has been great sport all over the world. Also publishing demands and nailing them to church doors. Didn’t that work out well…?

Worried that you’ll be jugged by the johns if you speak up? Use the internet. Make a website or a web log – a free one with advertisements for junk, or a paid one that just has your message – not that of others. You can more or less say what you like, and in many cases your deepest secrets may be shared. If no-one reads it, you’re safe.

Or you might strike it unlucky and have the thing go viral. We’ve had things go viral in the last few years and no-one is all that pleased. If you have a talent, someone may see it and move to see it quashed. This might happen if you rile an influential enemy, though in truth most of us are not rich or good-looking enough to have one of them. Most politicos are distant from ordinary people and hardly look at what we write or listen to what we say – it would be rare to actually ignite the wrath of one of them.

Still, we are warned not to publish anything that would bring the judgement of future employers, academic boards, or student bodies. This terrible fear is shaken before us to silence the speakers and discourage the writers…but a great deal of that is hear-say or rumour. Retired people have no bosses, professional boards, academic committees, or groups of snot-nose students to trouble us. Our writings may ramble, but they do so free, and often visit truths that others are afraid to notice.

Beware the codger.

Not me. I’m a sweetie-pie. I have held the position of Right Evil Bastard of the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia since the 1990’s and have been consistently pleasant and kind while asleep.

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