Refuse The Order

Every time some officer in one of the gender armies gives you an order – refuse it.

They might be from the Male Army or the Female Army or the newly-formed Genderless Army of Partizans. They might be speaking directly to you or just pushing out a meme on social media – but when they command you, mutiny. You will be doing a good thing.

The War Between The Sexes has gone on as long as it has been profitable to those who conduct it. They have berated their opponents with laughter, hatred, court injunctions, political campaigns, and any number of minor hurts and harryings. They have assumed a position of power over everyone and everything and pushed themselves into more places than dust and rust.

You can exclude them from your life. Just refuse to laugh at their jokes, cry at their sorrows, or support their nastiness. Conduct yourself fairly and in a kindly fashion, and you do all that God or nature require.

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