I Failed To Read The Rheum

Recently I participated in a Facebook speciality group that dealt with a scale model hobby. All would have been well with my first posts…but I made a mistake. I posted jokes.

Not the Knock-Knock kind – jokes about the special hobby. And I discovered just how special it, and some of the hobbyists, were…

General George Washington’s 64th rule of behaviour was not to break a jest where none take pleasure in mirth. I was surprised to find that the group featured so many of these folk. Of course some got the jokes – but a certain proportion of the people who reacted did not – or took them as some form of affront. Some of the comments in return were in themselves meant to be hurtful – fortunately I have taken no offence.

Would this ratio be the same with a readership confined to Australia? Would they be grim and serious and return scorn and sneers? I’d like to think not…I hope our nation has still a sense of humour.

It could have been the stresses under which the people in the northern hemisphere exist – their wars, their politics, their summer heat. All these must sap the spirit and push people to the edge. In any case I have apologised for trying to make them laugh and have promised never to do so again.*

I’ve even added several new names to the roll of Facebook people who read my posts – and some may be doing so now. Let us hope they are feeling better soon.

*I shall break this promise, of course. I feel under no obligation to be angry or sad myself.

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