A Note To The Boss

Which boss? Any boss. All the bosses. You, if you consider yourself the boss.

a. Is being THE BOSS a good idea? Would being just boss be better?

b. How do the employees know you’re the boss? Is it because you lead them from the front or push them from the rear? Have someone push your rear and see what it feels like.

c. How do you know you’re the boss? Get sick three weeks and see what happens. If the place goes to hell, you might be necessary, but if it is ticking along just fine, you might not be. If it is doing a great deal better, consider getting sick more often.

d. If your boss-ship needs a fancy title, by all means give yourself one. But beware that the employees will give you another, and it won’t be gift-wrapped.

e. Demanding multi-tasking is perfectly legitimate if you are multi-paying for it. Otherwise it is multi-bullying and your business suffers for it.

f. An army can have an attitude of Them and Us within itself. The German Army certainly did in 1914-18 and again in 1939-1945. Didn’t that work out well…

g. Never lie to or steal from your workers. If you do, you train and licence them to do the same to you.

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