How——-Do You Have To Be?

I shall leave you to fill in the blank in the title. You may use the words “moral ” or ” virtuous ” or whatever you fancy. ” Sober ” or “sweet-smelling ” are also appropriate. Really, you can add anything that people have been bombarding you with.

The question arises when you are retired, or sick, or old, or rich. Anything that removes you from the mainstream of social congress calls forth an existential frame of mind. ie. does it matter if you wear clothing in your own house? The answer depends upon the temperature and who you are expecting to call. Warm weather, enjoyed alone, is a very liberating concept.

For myself, I wonder at the social media shrills against drink, meat, political affiliation, and traditional language. I wonder whether any of the current pressure should or could be applied to the retired or independent. For myself, I will have a shot of booze in the afternoon and I will grill steaks afterwards, and grin while I am doing it.

Let us put it in clearer terms: I am of the generation that has been called the Baby Boomers. This means that the people after me regard me as a has-been. I’m fine with this, as I has seen and has done things that they have yet to see and do, and I know when to duck… They don’t raise parapets for nothing, you know…

Right now I can still vote, so look out. I can still fee a lawyer to make you unhappy – so look out. I can still be kind and sensible and caring – and at this point you may wish to run. I do not need to invent a slogan telling you that I matter, because I have always mattered. Beware.

Do not ride me if I pop a cork in the afternoon – and if you are forbidden from doing so by your morals or your mistakes. Do not tell me how to speak the language we share – I’ve been doing so before you could gurgle. Do not try to tell me I am evil – I know how evil I can be and you should be grateful I am too lazy to show you.

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