Ethical Nutrients

There it is – right on time. The daily express of horse shit from Facebook. Steamin’ in on the screen.

An advertisement for ” ethical nutrients “. Presumably a real company, selling pills for the pale…but doing so by suggesting that food is somehow a morality issue – and that their rolled up bits of chemistry are composed of shining virtue and natural organic hand-reared goodnessosity.

They may, or may not be, poisoning the populace. I prefer to think not, and that they are honest and upright people doing their best to ensure the health of Australia. Or at least just profiting off the gullibility of the people who are well, but just not sure if they are well enough…If they are raking it in from the poor and ill, that throws the whole question of morals into a different light.

Could it be that someone has just fastened upon a buzz-phrase for commercial benefit? I stand aghast. Is it a flim or a flam?

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