List Your Blessings

Don’t just count ’em.

I have opened a Pages document on my computer to list the successful meals that my family enjoys.

it’s not a recipe book at all – just a list of the things that are cooked and eaten here at our house. I initially thought we had a limited diet but I see I was very wrong. So far there are 53 separate dinners down there, and they are all possible with the facilities and pantry we currently possess.

If they are not haute cuisine, they are tasty and nourishing. If I ring the changes with them and account for the leftover combinations, I need not repeat the menu for two months. Some are seasonable, but it is surprising how the seasons can be rearranged by the grocery stores and the freezer. We are not a family that disdains the use of frozen or canned ingredients – there is no food snobbery here. We are not tied to any particular ethnicity in the kitchen, either, and can enjoy a lot of the world’s food.

And I am grateful beyond measure that we have the food to eat, and a clean dining room to do it in.

Go-on. Try it for yourself. Make a list of your family’s menu. You may be surprised in many directions.

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