Who Should Be Content

I’ve no idea who should be entitled to contentment. That would be making judgements about other people that am really not entitled to do.

Equally, I cannot say who could or would be content because I don’t know everyone else’s circumstances. I have to play my own hand with the cards I possess – if I try the contentment game myself.

I should like my family and friends to enjoy contentment as well, but again they may have to approach on their own glide path. If I can help in some reasonable fashion, I will. But I don’t think I am being a monster when I say that there is only so much dis-content I am prepared to undergo to please others. At a certain point I buck up and won’t go further.

Can everyone be content? At the same time? With the same things? No – of course not. But I should like to see the emotion as widespread as possible.

Should the obviously wicked and patently evil be allowed contentment. I wouldn’t think so, as I can think of a few people who match those descriptions. I have little opportunity to correct them, and probably wouldn’t be effective in doing so, but I can hope that the general operation of the world will eventually give them their just desserts.

How about the obviously good and virtuous? Yes, contentment to them, and it might be a simpler process than for the rest of us. I should guard against the appearance of virtue belying its real nature – I suspect there is a good deal of that in the virtuous landscape today.

Actually, there is probably a lot more contentment going on right now that I don’t know about…

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