Where To Be Content

I can answer this one right off – be content where you are.

If you think you are going to be content somewhere else – based on Instagram pictures of the place – you fool yourself. You are discontented that you are not there, so you’re starting off on the opposite premise.

” But it’s so pretty, and peaceful, and cheap, and this and that and the other…”

The picture is pretty – it was taken by a professional landscape photographer who wanted to get paid for it, so they deliberately did not take a picture of the slag heaps or the political prison around the corner. The colours are gorgeous – as well they might, being the best that Adobe can make in Photoshop. The pretty girl in the dress in the field of flowers is also pretty and knows it.

Now as far as peaceful, unless your house is on the Golan Heights, it is likely to be more peaceful than nearly anywhere that sends out tourist pictures. Peaceful lives in back gardens and clean sitting rooms and big beds. I’ve got one each of those and I know.

Cheap? Pop down to the travel bureau and enquire as to the exact price of a fortnight of being in the ” cheap ” place. Add up your air fares, transfers, hotel costs, food, drink, bribes, taxes, medicines and insurance…and then see how much it costs to sit in the back garden with cups of tea and novels. Remember that whatever you pay for rates and electricity and sewage and such here in the house is still going to be charged whether you are away or not – the only thing you save is the food you eat and you’ll be buying that on holiday.

At home you have the environment that you have constructed – and whether or not it is luxurious or plain, it is your place. I’ll bet you haven’t explored above 30% of your dwelling and only 10% of your neighbourhood. There is probably a great deal more of what you want now where you are now.

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