WHY Be Content?

Never asked myself that one before? Nor has anyone else ever posed it to me. Well…why?

Because it is is better than being discontented? That just defines a positive with a negative and that’s bad logic. And someone will be sure to ask the next question about why is it better than discontent – we will be questioning and counter-questioning until they put the chairs up and turn off the lights…

Because it is a pleasant way to live. Now that’s better. I’ve lived in unpleasant places and circumstances, but fortunately not for long periods of time. Long enough, however to experience the discomfort and stress of them and to realise that life in better conditions was a lot preferable. I could definitely say I was content to be in pleasant circumstances.

It also makes life easier for your mind if you are not fussing and unhappy all the time. You can’t avoid thinking ahead, unless you are in Parliament, and looking from a contended point of view has got to be less stressful than being dissatisfied. We’re told stress takes a toll on our minds and bodies – if we are content it doesn’t touch us.

It also doesn’t touch our friends and loved ones – our anxiety and unhappiness infects them at the same time that it wracks us. If we are calm and happy, they have the best chance to be so as well.

And the last reason why…because it may well be a darn sight less work to be content than otherwise. If you have one apple and are happy with one apple you need not search for more. If you decide one apple is not enough for you, it’s out in all weathers planting seeds and cultivating the darned trees. You may end up with more apples, but you eat up the time of contentment you might have had with just one.

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