Contentment As A Goal

Yikes! There’s a new idea in my mind. I don’t have many of them some days – I’d better look a little more closely at this one.

Should I try to be content? How do I go about it? What does it actually look like – or sound like. More important, what does it feel like?

Do I have any of it right now? Does it show? Is it fundamental or does it make me look fad?

Oddly enough, I have rarely ever considered contentment in the past. I must have experienced it, as well as the opposite emotion, but it was all a pretty unconscious matter. Now I’ve got time to think, I need to do so. I’ll employ my Kipling servants over the next few posts to help me answer some of the questions. today:


What is contentment? Dictionary defines it as a state of happiness and satisfaction. Fair enough, and that sounds pleasant. But what are those two subsequent terms for me? I cannot pretend to feel for others and order their lives.

Happiness is really undefinable for me, other than to say it is not unhappiness. It is a vague but chirpy feeling of freedom from worry. Satisfaction is easier – a feeling of completeness. Something done or said or seen and all went well. A full stomach after a good meal, but without overeating.

Okay, contentment is freedom from worry and a feeling of accomplishment. But there must also be times when I wasn’t worried anyway and have accomplished nothing, but still wish to be content…

I will have to investigate Why or How tomorrow.

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