For An Extra Dollar You Can Maximise Your Form-Factor

Say what?

And here we have the two ends of the linguistic idiocy chain welded together; the overly – complex word construction and the brainless buzz-phrase. I cannot tell you whether the young person in the reversed feed cap decided to get a larger hamburger or not – I did not stay to see.

Form-factors are popping up in technical reports and artistic babble at an increasing rate. They used to be sizes, and you could have small, medium, and large. Madison Avenue soon changed that to standard, large and mega-gulp to help the coffee sellers – they were wise enough not to require any increase in actual cup capacity. Indeed, as economies tighten, cup sizes can shrink…they are not a scientific measure.

Of course Madison Avenue is not the only street of commercial dreams – there are agency nests in Paris, London, Frankfurt, etc. who hound their local population through the streets and the airways. They often use sophistication and remembrance of aristocratic behaviour to sell their bags of dross. Some of them also use ” form-factors ” and other techno-babble to pad out the posters.

It is nearly time for the wise advertiser and reporter to lose the complex ball of print and print a plain word in its place. The shock alone would loosen many wallets.

On the other end of the chain, we have only to wait until the next mumble meanders out of the ghetto into the ears of the teenaged – and is then plastered into fame on the screen. Yo!

1 thought on “For An Extra Dollar You Can Maximise Your Form-Factor

  1. The next mumble meanders its way out of the ghetto…. love it


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