Gettin’ Away Wif It

Just heard a song on the Old Folks Radio featuring Fats Waller singing a song about being down in Chinatown.

It contained the edifying sound of his broad Harlem accent making words that mimicked Chinese. The sort of thing that would set teeth on edge all over town. The radio station chose to play it, so I guess they thought it a good idea.

They also play a Perry Como song from 1945 occasionally. Called Dig You Later, it contains a verse laughing at the fire-bombing of Tokyo in April of that year. Not a hidden lyric nor an obscure song – you can buy it on compilation CD’s right now.

I once thought the lowest the recording industry could go was re-pressings of WW2 German political songs, but I guess I was wrong. Wonder what they’ll do with the current war in Ukraine? And which old fool will spin it up on Sunday radio?

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