The Fightbook Face

That’s the one you make when you read some troll’s comment on social media and just have to leap into the argument. It is best not to do it in front of a mirror.

In fact, if you want to follow best practice, it’s a good idea not to even read the initial posts. None of them will improve your happiness or bring you a tranquil mind. That’s not what they’re for…nor are they screened to bring you the shining truth of anything. They are there to make you angry and to cause you to feed the flames of other people’s anger.

Why? Because people want the power to dominate and one of the ways that can be exercised is to win a printed or verbal fight. It is rare that people are allowed to get away with physically abusing others…unless they are employees or spouses…but any moderately competent writer can calumniate and excoriate whoever they wish on a social media page. Rage, foul language, and specious argument are rewarded.

Look upon it in the same light as a street fight in a quiet suburb – unusual and unnecessary – and suspicious withal. Who starts suburban street fights? Criminals who want to draw people out of the front door of their houses so that they can sneak in the back door.

Just shut the doors until the fake fight moves away. Or call the cops.

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