Is It Namby Or Pamby?

I can never be sure.So I went and looked on the net.

Namby Pamby really was part of the literature in the 1720’s – Henry Carey wrote a satirical poem mocking the style of another author and first used the phrase. Surprisingly, it was a hit, and he used the style for more work. People liked it and appended the title to his name. Not sure if that is an own-goal or not.

I encounter it daily on the local ethnic radio station that has spot announcements between music or cultural programs. They have a young girl give station ID every now and then – she does it well. But they have taken one of her spot announcements and put it through a sound modifier to raise the pitch and shorten the words – and she is made to sound baby-ish. Heard once, it is novelty. Heard daily, it is torture.

This can also describe some of the posts that are ” shared ” on Facebook. It need not be kittens or unicorns ( though it often is ), but whatever the topic or meme, it comes over like a wasp drowned in Golden Syrup. Fortunately there are ” hide “, ” unfollow ” and ” block ” settings that can relieve the toothache.

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