Natural Reconciliation Week

This coming week we in Australia are to be reconciled. Whether we want it or not.

It’s a political move based on race and lawyers, and if it succeeds should open the tap on the government money pipe for some time to come. Unfortunately it doesn’t address my needs – so I will have to have my own week.

I am not at loggerheads with many at present – there are a spare few dances on my card – and I am willing to add anyone who wants to be an enemy. But I will need to see your bona fides before I accept you as someone with whom I’ll eventually need to be reconciled. Ooh – I wonder if that should be mala fides…well in any case I need to find out whether we are enemies before I decide to make friends. Leave it with me.

I really do have enemies, but some of them are long ago, and most of them are far away. If I take them out of the memory cupboard they make me feel sad, mad, and bad, but if I leave the door shut I can enjoy life right now. I am understandably reluctant to fall at their feet weeping and begging forgiveness, no matter which of us has to do the one or the other.

So a personal, natural reconciliation week is actually problematical. I don’t mind healing but I don’t fancy cutting through old scars to create new ones. Keloid is tough stuff and can be unsightly but in most cases does as good a job as skin anyway.

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