It’s All The Fault Of The………

And you may fill in the blank space with whom you wish.

This will be the national home sport for the next three months as Australia comes out of the gloomy prison of the previous administration and enters into the bright correctional institute of the new one. This is not solely an Australian thing…all elected governments are better than their predecessors but worse than the corrupt neighbouring regimes – no matter where they are. However, Australia takes pride in ancestors who were convicted and sentenced and likes nothing more that re-criminating itself out of nostalgia.

And if a chance comes to storm up some foreign beach and then retreat, that will be fine too. The RSL needs a bit of a boost.

The possible culprits for whatever ills that will shortly be uncovered are widespread; the previous PM or Treasurer are always a good choice, but they can only be used for so long before people grow tired. Religious groups or secret cabals are possible too, and if your religion hates another one, well, there you go…no need to look further. Just be careful not to keep mentioning their name when things get better.

It is a little difficult to be on both sides of a question – good and bad at the same time – and even harder to bewail your fate if you are actually having fun while doing so. People become suspicious when your sackcloth comes from Versace and the ashes are delivered by Uber.

I shall continue to mind my own business, and ignore everyone else’s. If I ask how you are getting on with the new government, understand it is mere social chit chat and I will neither listen to nor remember your answer.

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