The Neighbourhood Don’t-Watch App

The BGA’s new app ” ” is being shared throughout the suburb by means of our front windows.

A nicely typed note is being hand-wrapped around a carefully selected rock and thrown through every window in the street. Professional baseball pitchers have been engaged as a delivery force – as they have to play during the day, most deliveries are after midnight.

The note details a special code that you can enter into your computer, tablet, or smart phone that will block any further communication from anyone at all. Neighbours will be delighted with the extra time in a day that is not devoted to screens and social media – bids to revitalise the neighbourhood parties and over-the-back-fence discussions of the past.

Please don’t think that this is censorship or criticism of social media – after all where would we be without our daily doses of Meghan and Harry or Johnny and Amber – but it will make it more personal. You can still be obnoxious, but you have to do it within striking distance.

And just because it pops into your electronic world doesn’t necessarily mean that it is hacking your life or selling your data to other people. It says that it isn’t doing these things on the net when you google it up. So you know it’s legit…

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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