If You Cannot See That It Is A Confidence Trick…

Then you are not a spectator – you are the target.

The classic cons – the pea in a shell and three-card monté games – are sleights of hand aided by greed and gullibility, and form a useful way of transferring your money to the operators. They get an income and you get a trimming, but as long as it stays at a low level they actually do you good. You eventually realise what a sucker you have been and are immune to the thing in the future.

This also applies to hoop games or dart games at fun fairs. When you are broke you get to start thinking and that’s the best thing that could happen to you. I know – it happened to me.

The cryptocurrency game is the same, but there is a lot more money on the table – comparable to the casino game. When you lose, you lose big, and you lose to larger criminals than just the card conjuror. They are the equivalent of believing an Indian scam caller or a Nigerian lawyer.

Do yourself a favour and walk away while your pocket still jingles. No-one will think well of you if you fall for the crap and they will think even less of you if you try to foist it on them.

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