Thou Shalt Not Poke Fun At Me


a. I say so.

b. I have found a meme that says so.

c. I have two tablets of stone that the creator of the universe hewed out of a mountain that say so. Honest…I’m not just being poetical and all here. I saw it with Charleton Heston, and I paid good money for my ticket.

d. If you do I might look funny to others.

e. I’m not fast on the draw and you might get away before I can come up with a suitable reply.

And there we have the most honest reply to the people who condemn you for satire or irony. They pretend that it is bullying when it skims them, but would like you to attack government, business, and church groups for their amusement. They tell you that would be moral, but in reality they just want you to help them hate when they can’t think of what to say. You get to be the script writer for a scold.

I let fly when the heads come up over the parapet – be they officers or enlisted. As they say in Texas, some people need killing, and as I say here, some people need poking. I’ll never poke those I see in honest distress, but I will let the gas out of some bags…

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